Posted by: cgross1 | September 1, 2010

Invitation Arrival!

Finally, after waiting for what has seemed like MONTHS (6 months, to be exact), I finally received my invitation today! I was so worried that something had happened to it, because I was supposed to get it last Wednesday-Thursday, but now that worry is gone and new ones have risen to take its place! I have to pack up my entire life in the next five weeks! It helps that I have been mentally planning it for the last six months though.

I now have an arduous amount of paperwork to do in order to prepare. I need to fill out paperwork for visas, passports, and everything else you would expect to fill out for a trip overseas x10! Here is everything I received in my packet. I still have another one on the way. ^^

Each of those folders has like ten forms in it!

So anyways, I am starting this blog so I may keep some kind of order in my life. I honestly do not know how often I will be able to update it, but I will at least update it once so I can replace this rather bad-quality image of Burkina Faso with a new and better one once I get there! Just in case you don’t want to constantly checking for updates :p   I have put an email subscription thingy to the right in the sidebar. That way you will be sent an email every time I update.



  1. Great blog it’s very well put together
    Looks like ur up to a good start
    I would love to see more pics and I definently will be checking ur blog often

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