Posted by: cgross1 | October 16, 2010

Safe in Burkina!

Bonjour from Burkina Faso everyone!! I finally made it to Burkina on the 14th. It’s a little difficult to keep track of the time here, especially since I have been busy since I arrived.

The Burkinabe people have been very friendly to us – everyone greets us, and the marches (markets) are a great place not only to find things you are looking for, but also to greet local people.

There are 30 other people in my group, from all walks of life, and they are all great! I am a Small Enterprise Development Volunteer Trainee, which means that I am going to be working with small businesses to help them with their development.

I get to meet with my host family in a few days, and then I will be moving in with them for 2 months until the conclusion of my training.

It’s pretty late here – we’re six hours ahead of mountain time, so I should go, but I will be posting pics that I have taken sometime next week!


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