Posted by: cgross1 | November 6, 2010

Almost One Month

Hey everyone!! It’s hard to believe that next Thursday I will have been in Burkina Faso for one month. Everything continues to go well here. We have been working on creating income generating activities for small businesses. Hopefully I will be able to apply the techniques I am learning when I get to my site. That is another piece of exciting news – site announcements are in about a week and a half, on the 15th. I will be finding out my permanent site for the next two years. I can’t wait for the announcement!!

The internet at the training center officially died, so I am learning how to navigate the local cyber cafes. European keyboards are all the rage here, so computer usage is taking double the normal amount of time, since none of the keys are in the same place.

A few interesting things about Burkina Faso: The only cold drinks available here are Sprite, Coke, Fanta, beer, and bissap, a local drink made from the hybiscus plant. Juice is expensive here, so cold drinks usually have A LOT of sugar in them, but no one cares so long a they are cold! There are not a lot of cars here – people use motos and bikes. I think I saw one dealership in the capital. Everything at a marche is negotiable – I just had an outfit tailored for me for the equivelant of 12 US dollars. Hopefully a picture will come soon.

Thanks for all the comments – I love getting them!!



  1. Congratulations on making it through your first month! Glad the training is going well, and all of us at the museum are looking forward to hearing where you will be stationed for the next two years. Keep us posted!

    • Thanks Matt! Three weeks left until I move to site!!

  2. Hi Christie,
    It’s fun to read your updates and to see your new home away from home. Glad you’re safely settling in and getting into the new rhythms of life.

    Life at UNM would seem very familiar to you. Midterms largely behind the students and final projects & exams looming on the horizon. Next week is Thanksgiving. We all have so much to be very grateful for.

    Best wishes,
    Laurie Schatzberg

    • Thanks so much for the comment! I bet at this point everyone is looking forward to winter break. It’ll be there before you know it!

  3. Hey Christie,
    I’ve been following your adventure, sorry I haven’t commented sooner. We really miss you but are so happy that you may have this great experience. Not much new here, I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving day. Chris

    • Thanks Chris – I miss you guys lots too! I hope everyone is doing well. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am very excited – Peace Corps is giving us 2 butterball turkeys for Thanksgiving!! YAY!!

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