Posted by: cgross1 | June 1, 2011

Neem Cream!

Well, I was able to go back to my site for a short while before coming back out for an IT Committee meeting (gotta keep my IT skills up to par!), but while I was at site I tried to maximize my time and had a neem cream formation with my women.

Neem is a local tree that works as an insect repellent and natural pesticide. You can make a cream by boiling the leaves in water, then adding shea butter and soap. You then let the cream harden and form up a bit, and voila! Instant insect repellent, perfect for the upcoming rainy season to keep away those pesky malaria-carrying mosquitoes!

The women were really excited to make it – they like experimenting with new things like bouille, neem cream, pretty much anything that they can make and sell at the market. This activity is really good for generating funds within women’s groups. I am looking forward to doing some more fun projects with them when I get back to site again!

It is a little sad to note that mango season will be coming to a close – by the end of June, I think. I have noticed that the mangoes in my village are getting progressively smaller. So sad! What will I do without my mangoes? I think on average I eat 20-ish mangoes a week, one for breakfast, and two for dinner. I will have to find another fruit to hold me over until watermelon season in October/November!

I hope that everything is going well in the states, and I will see you all soon!

Until next time,



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