Posted by: cgross1 | June 16, 2011

Tiny Sweet Avocados!

Yes, so I have finally discovered shea fruit. It is officially the start of shea fruit season here, with the onset of rainy season, which is apparently late. It was supposed to start at the beginning of June, but is just starting to get going now. Anyways, I have discovered that shea fruits are basically tiny sweet avocados. They look like tiny avocados, and they taste like avocados, only sweeter. You could totally make a shea fruit guacamole!! The only difference is that you save the pits, boil them, dry them, crack them open, collect the inside and stockpile them, and then sell them for lots of francs in September-November!!

With the onset of rainy season, most of my women have taken to the fields to cultivate their food and source of money for the next year. Therefore, I am spending the summer working on getting their accounting books in order for next season, starting to order new materials that they will need for the next production season, and on launching a large scale soap making operation, which looks very promising. Look for soap samples when I come home in July! We are experimenting with about ten different kinds of soap, looking for the best formulas. We have some orders already, and hope to be working toward some business in the US!! Very exciting!

Anyways, new photos in the gallery of neem cream and shea fruit. Check them out!!

Until next time,




  1. Christie,
    Sounds like you are being very productive and sweet little avacados sounds interesting. Good to hear from you and I hope to see you when you come home for a visit. Keep up your momentum!

  2. Are you going to smuggle a couple of “avocados” into the country? 🙂

    • Heh – I don’t think customs security is that lax…plus they go bad pretty quickly… 😦

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