Posted by: cgross1 | September 29, 2011

50th Anniversary Fair

So this is the 50th year Peace Corps has been…alive, and to celebrate, all the volunteers in Burkina Faso put together and hosted a three day fair for the Burkinabe people!

It was a ton of fun, and a ton of work, but it went well, despite torrential rains, tent-destroying winds, and blazing sun! I was able to come with my association and sell shea butter, soap, and cream, not only to other volunteers, but to other interested Burkinabe. The fair was a great way to see what other volunteers have been working on in their respective villages.

In addition to having associations exhibiting their wares, there were also sensibilizations on everything from health and hygiene to making moringa (local tree high in vitamens) donuts!

The fair was kicked off by the swearing in of nearly 50 new volunteers, with the Premiere Minister of Burkina Faso in attendance, and was closed by the First Lady of Burkina Faso three days later. I was able to shake hands with the First Lady – she is a very kind and sweet woman, and seemed very excited about what the volunteers have been doing in our villages.

There was also a concert done by local Burkina Faso pop star Floby, who composed and performed a song expressing the thanks of the Burkinabe people for what Peace Corps has done during our time here in this country. I am posting links below to videos of the fair and to the Floby song.

Peace Corps Burkina Faso 50th Anniversary Fair (I’m in this one!)

Floby Performance – Peace Corps Burkina Faso

Now I am going into training to learn how to train incoming…uh…trainees, who will be arriving in October. Then back to site for shea production season! Things are finally picking up and getting busy again, which is rather nice after the slow-pace of rainy season. Or…not-so-rainy season, this year. However, people here seem happy and hopeful that the harvest will be a good one, so keep your fingers crossed!

Anyways, I hope that everyone is having an awesome school year – it is amazing how much time has passed. I will have been in country for one year in two weeks! How time flies! I hope to see everyone again soon!

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