1. Sounds like a superbowl commercial to me- a guy on a camel drinking a coke – go Packers! Wishing for a warm camel to lay on my feet in my cold office.

    • I think that would make an awesome superbowl commercial – you should totally try to market the idea to Coke!!

  2. Thanks for adding captions!!

  3. Hey,
    Changes afoot here at the Museum today…. But I was thinking about keeping the temperature cooler for butter production. I know that in my sunny backyard when the dogs want to cool down they dig a hole and lay in it , unless the water tables are close to the surface, couldn’t the production room be subterranian? Not all under ground but half way? Just a thought. Great to hear good and funny news – can’t beleive you’ve been gone that long. Janet

    • That’s an interesting idea – I will definitely look into that, because when water comes fresh out of the pump it is usually cooler then other water above ground. Thanks for the idea! I hope everything is going well at the Museum, and that the changes are positive…

      • Things are changing, for the better. I keep thinking about all those piggies under foot. Hoping to get some chicks soon here. Good luck with your projects! Janet

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